Social Media Marketing

Keeping up with your customers on the ever-increasing number of social media sites they use is a seriously time intensive task

Logging into Facebook and Twitter and all of your other social accounts. Checking the piles of public and private messages that never stop accumulating. Dealing with potential public relations issues. Creating well-written and attractive posts that you have to re-edit five different ways to meet the varying requirements and quirks of each social media platform.

The requirements of waging a successful social media campaign are extensive and time-consuming.

Just having a website isn’t enough–you need to have a dialogue with your customers if you want to stand out from the crowd. Although social content is often lighthearted, social media management is not to be taken lightly.

The cost of not managing your own social presence can be quite high. The worst possible scenario is that anyone can create a page for your business on Facebook etc., or – more likely and common – have extensive public conversations about you on Twitter. If you don’t define your online persona, somebody else will do it for you. It’s not unusual for major social media disasters to develop without any input whatsoever from the businesses in question.

Get out in front of your audience and make yourself known. It’s not just customers, potential and loyal, who pay attention to social media. Google cares too.

We offer social media management because it’s essential to SEO

Google uses social media signals as a measure of a site’s relevance and usefulness. Much in the same way a teacher or a mechanic’s abilities are diminished when they haven’t expanded their understanding of their trade in twenty years, a stale website is seen as an indication that the business is archaic, out-of-date, and irrelevant. This means your site will be seen as having no authority or usefulness, and you’ll disappear into the depths of Google’s search rankings, never to return.

Given Google’s recent partnership with Twitter, the role of social media metrics in search ranking algorithms is only going to increase. This means that any effective use of SEO strategies must incorporate social media campaigns. The definition of SEO has changed so fast in the last few years that even SEO professionals have struggled to keep up, and they no longer understand how search engines work. It’s not just about keywords and backlinks anymore.

SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is a highly-debated topic when it comes to search marketing.

Some say that SEO is dead, some say it’s a matter of math, and the vast majority of SEO companies, small businesses, and individuals have a huge misunderstanding of how SEO works and even what SEO is. The biggest challenge with SEO boils down to a common problem with human nature: patience. Successful growth in the SERPs (search engine rank positions) is about a long-steady effort towards improving the quality of your site, not a magical switch you can flip to suddenly rank #1. And yet, most search engine optimization companies try and convince their prospective clients that the latter is possible.

Durham Multimedia Focus on Long-Term, Quality SEO Services

Our way of doing search engine optimization is different than what you get from most SEO companies. We offer no guarantees, no fixed-price “cheap SEO packages,” and no tricks to “game the system.” What we offer is sound advice focused on best serving your target market, a dedicated partner who actively works towards improving your ROI using only relevant and affordable SEO services, and the technical expertise to necessary to achieve these local SEO marketing goals. We achieve success by developing online marketing strategies that incorporate a variety of website SEO services and practices.

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